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Picnic June 05, 2004 at Norton Newman's Lake
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Unfortunately, Jennelou and I couldn't make it to the picnic. We had a family reunion to attend that day, but it looks like they had a good time.
96kb 233kb Jimmy, Gloria, Troyce 181kb 238kb
Gene & Troyce

229kb 233kb We had three freezers of ice cream 186kb Lunch Bunch 157kb Lunch Bunch: Bunny, Jimmy, Bootsie, Nancy, Martha 207kb Lunch Bunch: Gloria, Troyce, Bunny, Martha, Gene, Nancy
229kb 233kb Norton, David 186kb Jimmy, Bunny, Gloria, Lynda, Gene 157kb Lynda, Bear, Gloria, Gene 207kb
229kb Gene Gordon 233kb Bootsie, Martha, David 186kb Troyce Hendriks 157kb David, Glenda 207kb Gene Gordon, David Kennedy, Troyce Hendriks, Betty Hendriks
229kb Gloria Fish Tale 233kb Gloria's catch of the day 186kb 157kb  

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