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Possum Trot Art
Jennelou Wright

"Theodora In The Mountains"

Portrait done in 1992 by a friend

Some say art comes from the heart. My art sure does as I've had no formal training, but I had a great high school art teacher. My work is in different media from oils, pen-and-ink, water colors to using whatever is handy around the house. I also like to "mess around" with fabrics and embroidery.  I paint what I like and what makes me happy and then hang them on all the walls in my house. It's a good thing my husband likes them. I've been noted to paint doors, walls and other items of my home when I've run out of canvas. (Click Here) However, at 60, I feel I'm allowed to be a little eccentric. If you are interested in my "doodles", you can contact me at my e-mail address (Click Here). I've "hung" in some shows, but mostly my work is for myself and friends, more of a hobby that keeps me out of trouble.

To View my "doodles" click on the following Titles

Abiding Past #1
Abiding Past #2
Abiding Past #3
Abiding Past #4
Abiding Past #5
Meal Of The Fisherman
Shifting Canyon
Weaver's Glory

Fabric, embroidery and design section under construction

All works are copyrighted by Jennelou Wright
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